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Financial Flops of The Silver Screen (Infographie)

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Financial Flops of The Silver Screen


Creating a big, expensive epic that flops at the box office has got to be embarrassing. Depending on how bad the movie is and how badly it flops, it can destroy careers…

Do the biggest box office failures lose a few million? Ten million? More? Much more.


Billionaires’ Favorite Politicians


The billionaires on the Forbes 400 list have given more than $30 million to politicians and political action committees since 2006, along with millions more in soft money to politically active groups. Although Forbes 400 members give about 15% more money to Republicans than Democrats, they fund groups across the political spectrum.

(click above link to see an interactive graphics)

100:One Hundred Years of Government Versus Economy


John Palmer has a look at the past 100 years of government and economic indicators:

Download pdf: 100.pdf

What Companies Are Giving the Most Money to Political Candidates

Every two years, look at the candidates who have raised the most money while trying to represent us. In this year’s midterms, the representatives from each party are Charles Schumer (D-NY)—who is a shoo-in to keep his seat and has raised the most money of any Democrat—and Marco Rubio (R-FL) who is running against an independent former governor as well as a Democrat, and leading handily. This is what they would look like if they were forced to campaign in suits that made it clear to the world who their sponsors were, just like NASCAR drivers.


Which Actors Have Died the Most?


Here Lies 15 of Hollywood’s Most Killed Stars. Robert De Niro has died in 14 films which include: Bloody Mama, Bang the Drum Slowly, Mean Streets, Brazil, The Mission, Cape Fear, This Boy’s Life, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein , Heat, The Fan, Jackie Brown, Great Expectations, 15 Minutes and Hide & Seek.




Ebusiness, E-commerce and Social Media (ES)


7 Infographies

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How does the British economy benefit from the Internet?




How do you measure the effects of the internet on the economy? A Google funded report published today answers this question and concludes the internet business in the UK made £100 billion in 2009.


The Top 100 Tableau Public Visualizations in Q3 2010



Tableau Software is the leading provider of fast analytics and data visualization software. Tableau Public visualizations have been viewed more than 7.5 million times since our February launch. That viewership is a direct result of talented and creative authors. To celebrate those authors and their vizes, they have made their own visualization, showing the top 100 Tableau Public views by traffic in Q3 of 2010.

Take a look and as always,interactive!

(click above link to see an interactive visualizations)



How to Explain the Internet to a 19th-Century Street Urchin




Do you know how the internet really works — how you’re able to read this article on a magical glowing rectangle attached to a keyboard?

This cheat sheet created by flowchart guru Doogie Horner  explain the inner workings of the web to someone even less informed.



How Do Americans Feel About The Recession?




Earlier this year, the National Bureau of Economic Research delivered a piece of news that came as a surprise to most Americans: the recession, it determined, had officially ended in June 2009. At a total of 18 months, it now has dubious honor of being the longest U.S. recession since the Great Depression.

But how do Americans feel about it? Do the millions unemployed individuals feel like it really is over? And how do people – employed and unemployed – feel about its aftermath? compiled the answers those questions, and more, in their latest infographic.



Eating the Earth




How does our diet affect the planet? And how do some of the different diets around the world compare?



$1.75 Million of Awesome Pepsi Refresh Grants at Work in New York




The Empire State really is something. The communities in New York have been doing remarkable things through the Pepsi Refresh Project, from major school improvements to veterans’ support, and everything in between. Here’s a look at some the amazing things New Yorkers have done to make their wold a better place.



CQ Economy Tracker




A massive data visualization tool that lets users find out how the U.S. economy is performing, including breakouts on jobs, house prices, inflation and income. The visualization was designed & developed by the editorial multimedia team of CQ-Roll Call Group, the premier political news and information provider covering congress.

The data is collected from government and non-government sources; the interactive shows all historical data and is updated live as new data is released. It also features a glossary with sources and descriptions of the data and the data is available for download in Excel format. We think it’s the first interactive tool of its kind to pair up this much national and regional/state data side-by-side. It’s hooked up to a database and was built in Flash. All of the components, including the graphing and mapping portions, were custom built and are fully reusable APIs.

(click above link to play with this interactive tool)


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