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Social Media Revolution

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5 types of spammers on Twitter

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Everyone loves twitter for different reasons , but the most common ones being the sheer number of people you get to meet and the amount of information that is on offer .That being said and noted , there is the ugly side of twitter , there are all sorts of spammers lurking around to wreak havoc on your timeline and even your identity . So we need to be able to identify and handle spammers effectively if we are to make twitter useful and pleasant . Let us take a good look at the types of spammers in this post.

Let us first begin by tackling the task on hand . Classifying spammers . I generally divide spammers into the following types :

1. Link Spammers : These guys are the ones that tweet links about teeth whitening , herbal medicine , the twitter money tree , incredible revenue sitting at home and making millions on auto-pilot using twitter . The only problem with their links is most of the time , they are phishing sites and one click is all it takes to get screwed by them . You could end up loosing access to your own account

2. Quote Spammers : These are guys who use the API to auto tweet a lot of quotes or jokes and even tag them , carefully mixed with that is a tweet with a link to an ebook that is going to screw your happiness (Note that auto-tweets from non-OAuth enabled apps will get you blacklisted with twitter) . The quotes and jokes are the lure for unwitting tweeps to follow them and then boom , you are hit !

3. Convo Spammers : These are spammers who will spam you by replying to your tweet with a sentence like ” I agree , but look at : ” followed by a link , that link will lead you to you know where . One sure fire method to catch them is that they tweet from the API and not the web or a client . Most of the times , when you get replies from guys you don’t know , look at their timeline , it will be full of the same tweet sent to different people with the same link .

4. DM Spammers : The most notorious ones that are now plaguing twitter like crazy . These guys spam your DM” sex and all that . Please do not click on any link even from someone you know unless you are sure that they sent it themselves . Many thousands of twitter users have been attacked and compromised by DMs like these .

5. Human Spammers : By far the toughest and most difficult to tackle . These are real people who join twitter with an agenda to generally mess around with folks and their timelines . Some of them follow only girls and RT them .Some just tweet A/S/L all over the place . Others randomly follow people and diss them all over the place . They even launch scathing personal attacks . One of my senior twitter friends observed that these are the useless people who have migrated from Orkut where they were doing the same thing , to twitter recently .The only way you can deal with them is block and report spam .

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