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Nutritional Tricks for the Developing World: Infographie

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Nutritional Tricks for the Developing World




Proper diet and nutrition are key to children’s well-being, keeping them healthy and supporting cognitive development. A diet without nutrients like iron or folic acid can have serious effects. But in the developing world, the correct nutrients aren’t always in children’s diets. Adding those nutrients to the available food—even to foods in which they don’t naturally occur—can be a huge boost to public health. It’s a lesson we learned in the United States long ago, and one we need to apply to the rest of the world.


Science R&D Spending in the Federal Budget




Federal funding for basic science, including stem-cell research and climate-change initiatives, could hinge on what happens in the new House of Representatives, which will be controlled by the Republicans. However, if the past is any guide, dollars allocated for science will transcend both politics and the economy. Here’s a look at science funding over the years made by Karl Tate from


Energy Generation and Use





This infographic designed by Gareth Parry from Auckland, New Zealand. He plan to make 52 infographics in 52 weeks. This (17th week) week’s challenge Make an infographic about energy.

This infographic answers: Where was our energy generated at the end of last millennium? How did we use it?


Math Can Be Interesting




Math Can Be Interesting.


Recession Recovery: Best and Worst American Cities




When it comes to The Great Recession, there are plenty of cities that are recovering nicely from the economic slump and those that have completely missed the boat.


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