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A Few Cool Social Media Website Tools

If your business has started to see the potential with social media you might be looking for some cool social media tools to utilize on your website. In this article I’ll break down a few of the many tools that could potentially benefit your website:

1) Facebook Like Button– Now that you no longer become a “Fan” of a business, make sure you include the “like” button in all of your blog articles. You may even want to add it to every page of your website.

2) Facebook Activity Feed– The Activity Feed is a plugin displays Facebook profile pictures of your Friends who “like” the website you’re visiting. This a neat tool to use because it can persuade visitors to your website to “like” your business on Facebook, since they can see that their Friends already do.

3) ‘Tweet This’ button– Just like the Facebook “like” button, this Twitter button will allow you to tweet out a blog article or a page of a website with one click of your mouse. WordPress has a plug known as TweetMeMe that allows you to easily add this to any page of your website.

4) Wibiya Social Toolbar– This is a website enhancer that adds a little bar across the bottom of your website or blog. This toolbar encourages people to stay on your website will interacting with others. It also fully integrates with many different social networking websites, including Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz and YouTube.
These are just a few of the many social networking tools that your business can use on it’s website. Remember, it’s all about encouraging interaction. The more your audience engages the more information you can get from them, and the more quality information you can provide them. All this leads to more business down the road.
If you have any tools you’d like to add to this list please do so. We’d love to hear about it.

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