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Traditional MLM/Network Marketing Business Model Trumped by “GPT.”

While many American’s take to the MLM/Network Marketing Industry each year to supplement or replace their full time incomes, many are not successful. The MLM business model is a two-edged sword. The leverage provided by one’s “downline” can also serve to cripple a thriving business almost overnight. A new business model called “GPT” has emerged to replace it.

“GPT” (abbreviation for Get Paid Today) is a new business model based on the MLM concept, but offers less downside. For starters the compensation plan is single tiered, so the associate only has his/her own associates to keep watch over. The sales of the team will of course benefit each individual, and their own sponsor who receives a “percentage bonus” each month on the sales of each member. Here the multi-levels of MLM are gone, but the sales model and bonus model offer more stability than the multi-tiered system which often fail due to attrition and lack of support many levels deep.

Another facet in “GPT” is it is used in Top Tier Direct Sales. It is used for products which larger price tags than what is normally seen in traditional MLM. The commissions as well for these products are also large. It is not uncommon to see products selling in the thousands of dollars, which pay out commissions in the thousands of dollar per sale. Therefore the number of sales required each month to reach a larger income is vastly reduced. An associate in a “GPT” system can realistically achieve a six-figure income without having to have a downline of thousands of active reps. The building of such a team in traditional MLM would take months even years to achieve, but with “GPT” could take as little as one or two months before the associate begins achieving commissions of over $10,000 per month.

One such company offering a “GPT” model of business is Wealth Masters International. In particular, their partnership with CarbonCopy Pro marketing. The Wealth Masters Product line combined with the marketing clout of CarbonCopy Pro have created a mutually beneficial opportunity for both companies. In the first month of their partnership, Wealth Masters International saw a 400% increase in sales. This is an example of the successful marketing methods taught and employed by the CarbonCopy Pro team.

For more information on this partnership go to:

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