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How to Create and Promote Your Blog

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1.How to Create and Promote Your Blog The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771

2.After-Event Slides & Resources • The slides and resource links are available electronically after the event: The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771 The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771

4.Why Do You Want to Blog? 1) Why are you interested in blogging? 1) You NEED a PURPOSE 2) Who is your audience? (Who are you trying to impress/motivate/agitate?) 1) You must have a unique POV 3) What objectives are we trying to meet? 1) Outcomes that are essential to the project 4) How will we know when we get there? (metrics) 1) Objective or subjective measures 2) Qualitative or quantitative 3) Indication of progress 5) What’s the value of accomplishing your objectives? 1) Demonstrable value 2) Represents actual improvement in the current conditions The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771


6.The Thought Leadership Blogging Equation Competence, purpose and Strategic use of TLM tools Thought leaders and core market and channels with media trusted advisors occupy understanding inform the collaboration garner your the greatest share of mind point of view & thought share voice in the industry among business buyers. leadership platform. and spark the industry Share of mind predicts Thought leaders outshine dialogue around your share of market. Thought their competitors who ideas. Leadership Marketing compete on price and As buyers seek out more steadily increases your advertising. real market dialogue, SOV SOM with buyers, is an increasingly important growing your share of factor contributing to market. marketplace success. The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771

7.Thought Leadership Blogging Delivers • Coherency out of marketplace chaos • Diminished price resistance • Valid and credible value proposition • Self-qualified leads & opportunities • Shortened sales cycles • Value-forward marketing & selling platform • Ongoing market dialogue • Prospects experience your value before buying • Buyers invested in your ideas before purchasing • Growth in media placements & requests • Search engine find-ability The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771

8.Do You Have the Blogger Mindset? 1) They love what they do – energy & motivation 2) They have the drive to teach – no strings attached 3) They reach out and communicate – to everyone 4) They take risks with messaging – on the edge 5) They balance confidence with curiosity & learning – learn from everyone 6) They put in the time today (TLM activities) for tomorrow’s benefit 7) They never stop working, connecting and communicating – not drip marketing, but constant education The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771

9.To be a blogger – Think and act like a blogger • Get into the habit of thinking like a blogger – Create a blog idea file. • Title, links, • Carry a notebook or use your camera phone to start collecting ideas on the go • Save links to story ideas using Instapaper, or your browser • Create a Word doc and jot down ideas for posts • Start creating great content to help launch your blog • Practice blogging on your social networking page • Draft posts offline in LiveWriter or Email The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771

10.Supergenius Blogger Process

11.Supergenius Blogger Process The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771

12.Build Your “Blog Hub” • One place where your content is housed • Contains real substance, not just links • “Connectable platform” (WordPress, Typepad) • Your online home base The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771

13.Tune In! (It’s NOT ABOUT YOU!) • Subscribe to content • Share content right from reader • Consume feeds • Form a reader-based social network The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771

14.Create Great Content • Instructional – Instructional posts tell people how to do • Inspirational – On the flip side to the angry rant (and not all something. rants have to be angry) are inspirational and motivational • Informational – This is one of the more common blog post pieces. types where you simply give information on a topic. • Research – Research posts can take a lot of time but they can • Reviews – Reviews come in all shapes and sizes and on also be well worth it if you come up with interesting virtually every product or service you can think of. conclusions that inspire people to link up to you. • Lists – One of the easiest ways to write a post is to make a list. • Collation Posts – These are a strange combination of research • Interviews – Sometimes when you’ve run out of insightful and link posts. things to say it might be a good idea to let someone else do • Prediction and Review Posts – We see a lot of these at the the talking in an interview (or a guest post). end and start of the year where people do their ‘year in • Case Studies – Case studies can provide an in-depth review’ posts and look at the year ahead and predict what perspective. developments might happen in their niche in the coming months. • Profiles – Profile posts are similar to case studies but focus in on a particular person. • Critique Posts – ‘Attack posts’ have always been a part of blogging • Link Posts – The good old ‘link post’ is a favorite of many bloggers and is simply a matter of finding a quality post on • Debate – Debates do well on blogs and can either in an another site to link to. organized fashion between two people, between a blogger and ‘all comers’ or even between a blogger and… • ‘Problem’ Posts – This is similar to a review post (above) but focuses more upon the negatives of a product or service. • Hypothetical Posts – Pick a something that ‘could’ happen down the track in your industry and begin to unpack what the • Contrasting two options – Write a post contrasting two implications of it would be. products, services or approaches that outlines the positives and negatives of each choice. • Satirical – Well written satire or parody can be incredibly powerful and is brilliant for generating links for your blog. • Rant – Get passionate, stir yourself up, say what’s on your mind and tell it like it is. Rants are great for starting discussion • Memes and Projects – write a post that somehow involves and causing a little controversy. your readers and gets them to replicate it in some way. The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771

15.Share, Link and Guide • What will your audience find useful? • Share competitors info – it drives them nuts, and gets them to link to you! • Easy, time-conscious way to stay relevant without creating original content The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771

16.Make Your Content Work (Harder) For You The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771

17.Map it Out The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771 The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771

19.Leave Tangible Digital Artifacts The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771

20.Syndicate & Synchronize The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771

21.Thought Leadership Blogger Indium Corporation • 25% reduction in marketing spend • Major account wins • Entire organization involved in the ‘community’ The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771

22.Thought Leadership Blogger Indium Corporation “[Being a Thought Leader] is being considered the best, most authoritative, trusted source. It means being the “go to” people. It means being given the first look, being invited into a development project and asked for advice. It means being the organization that others MUST HAVE involved with a project. And it all leads to increased sales, profits, and image or it simply didn’t matter..” Rick Short, Indium The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771

23.A Day in the Life of a Supergenius Blogger • One to two blog posts • 3-8 Twitter updates • Listen (read) top 100 – 1000 RSS articles from your feeds • Share 15-20 articles via Google Reader • Comment on 1-3 key blog posts from peers • 3-8 Delicious bookmarks • Facebook, LinkedIn & other network activity The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771

24.Supergenius vs. The Other Guys Supergenius Blogger Other Guy • Reads everything through • Jumps around to websites RSS & email to read content (loses 30 minutes) • Posts once and publishes to many outlets (, • Publishes via individual web interfaces (loses 15 Posterous, linked accounts) minutes) • Shares content via Google • Manually Tweets out links Reader from articles & blog posts • Leaves tangible digital (loses 20 mintues) artifacts • Slurps up others crap as their own (waste of time) The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771

25.Supergenius Blogger Toolkit • Google Reader • WordPress • Google Analytics • Posterous • Instapaper • Delicious • Twitter • account • Windows LiveWriter or Scribefire • Mindmapping software • Industry newsletters via: http://WWW.VIRTU-ASSIST.COM The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771

26.Remember… • Start your blog with a purpose • Produce quality content on a regular basis • Follow a plan to vary your types of posting • Follow a process to ensure make blogging high impact • Participate to position yourself as a thought leader in your market space • Play nice. This is supposed to be fun  The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771

27.After-Event Slides & Resources • The slides and resource links are available electronically after the event: The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771

28.How to Create and Promote Your Blog The MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771

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