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Weird Pictures

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Creepy Paper Art To Decorate Your Haunted House 

Posted: 21 Oct 2010 01:00 AM PDT

There is something special about thrillers and horror movies. I guess it’s the certainty of getting that adrenaline pumping that makes those movies so appealing. Sometimes it becomes a little bit too intense, and that’s when many stop watching horror movies all together. When “Paranormal Activity” was released, there were many people that thought that it would probably not be too scary, but they were of course wrong. In fact, that movie has become somewhat of a phenomenon. That’s not because of its special effects (which are quite sparse), but because of its minimal budget and the huge profit they made from the theaters. The movie was created with just $15,000, and when it went out of theaters, it had already made the creators $193,355,800. Where did it leave the cinema goers after they had seen the movie?

Well, I am sure they wouldn’t put up any of Nick Georgiou‘s art on their walls anytime soon. I am sure his art is not haunted in any way, but a simple stare at all the portraits is just chilling to the bones. If you were to walk up the stairs with a couple of these after coming home from the cinema, and had a fresh memories of Paranormal Activity in your mind, then I am sure you would rather stay at a friends house.

Nick’s art is a reminder of yesterday’s declining printed world. It’s created to honor and breathe new life into what was created yesterday. It’s a rebirth of the magazines and newspapers that we so often just throw away after spending an average of 20 minutes with it. Newspapers have to be the one product that takes the longest man hours to put together, and it has the shortest life span per person. If you think about it, it’s really sad. However, now there is a way to “enjoy” yesterdays printed material, and at the same time, decorate that haunted house of yours. Have you thoroughly checked that closet of yours? You know there’s something in there… you just don’t know what… yet!

The Granny Panty Chandelier 

Posted: 20 Oct 2010 09:00 PM PDT

What is it about chandeliers? In the past, we’ve featured chandeliers made out of prescription pill bottles, globes, bicycle chains and gummy bears, so why not granny panties? It makes sense, right? Hmm… of course it does!

So, I gotta give well-known video-artist Pipilotti Rist props for creativity, even though this looks a little strange. Maybe it’s the fact that I read that she collected this underwear from her friends and family. I have so many questions now, like, is it used underwear? Did she have to touch each piece when she put this together? Did she wash them first? Why didn’t she just buy new underwear? I could go on… whew! Get a hold of yourself Diana!

Pipilotti Rist’s real name is Elisabeth Charlotte Rist. Pipilotti is a nickname she’s had since childhood, and it refers to Pippi Longstocking. Since a lot of people regard her work as “feminist,” I wonder what statement, if any, this chandelier is supposed to make. If you happen to be in New York City, you can check out this and her other creations at Luhring Augustine in the Chelsea community through Saturday.

[via Wonder How To, Beautiful Decay]

Hobbiton Once Again Populated… By Sheep! 

Posted: 20 Oct 2010 05:00 PM PDT

The turbulence around the new Hobbit movies are far from over it seems. Even though the project got the green light not too long ago, it’s still not without its problems. Peter Jackson is once again director, and everyone is cheering, however; now it seems the movie company is making too much trouble for the project to move on smoothly. The outcome we can only speculate on. I, for one, am a heavy fan of the series so I will wait for years (as it seems it will be) for it to come out. But what happened to Hobbiton after The Lord Of The Rings wrapped up shooting?

As it happens, our beloved Hobbiton is still very much alive and populated, but not by hobbits or people. No, it’s become the resident of hundreds of sheep! They seek shelter in the hobbit holes when night falls, or when it starts to rain. They have grown quite fond of the place, and I can imagine it being quite troublesome to get rid of them if the Hobbit crew is to recycle the location and the set itself.

The lot is nowadays used as a tourist attraction, and you can get a guided tour of the village and its sheep. You even get to pet the sheep if you find that to tickle your fancy. The set is in remarkable shape and form, and nature has aged the village beautifully. It’s like the little village has forever been there and nature has adjusted according to what J. R. R. Tolkien wrote. It sure looks like an awesome place to have a picnic. What strikes me the most is the thick glowing green grass that still looks like it was made artificially. I do understand that it is most probably photoshopped to get a little bit greener tone, but the thickness of it is astounding. I sure wouldn’t mind going there for a peek. Amazing natural creations are always a treat to check out.

Tunnels Encompassing: The Chair Of A Million Uses! 

Posted: 20 Oct 2010 01:00 PM PDT

There are some inventors out there that have a different view on the world, and how we live in it. It’s because of those inventors that we constantly see new and exciting things in our stores every year. I have always found it interesting to see what can be done with things that already exist. We’ve seen it over and over again, and the examples are too many to mention here. However, what can really be done with a chair that would make its uses even more interesting? It turns out, there is a lot you can do with a chair actually. You just have to have a little bit of imagination and playfulness, and you will probably be able to come up with a list of things.

That’s exactly what designer Noga Berman did when rethinking the concept of a chair. I am not exactly sure why and for what purpose this chair even exists, but I like it. I don’t like it so much for its looks or creepy uses but for the imagination put into play when creating it. It’s rather interesting to combine a chair and some strings. Furthermore it adds storage space, and if it turns, it becomes a sheltered sleeping “bag” of some kind.

I am sure there are a million uses beyond the ones that are obvious with this chair, and that’s what I like about it. It pokes fun at the usefulness and randomness of itself, while still sitting there being as simple as it is. I have to admit though, it feels like something out of Ghostbusters when arms starts appearing out of it like it was possessed by something. See, there is yet another use for it. Use it to scare the crap out of someone on Halloween, and I am sure you will get a memory worth saving. Even though it’s weird, creepy and odd, I totally like it. It’s impressive imagination in design. That’s what I would call it.

Tunnels – Encompassing Furniture – Scenario from Noga Berman.

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Mapa de las Capitales de países del Mundo

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Capitals of Every Country

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Over 50 Marketing Charts and Graphs

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Check out this SlideShare Presentation:


The Ultimate List: 100+ Twitter Statistics

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Top 20 SEO Tools PROOF!

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Net Neutrality

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Conseguir enlaces

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Conseguir enlaces es una de las labores más críticas en el posicionamiento web en Google. En función del número de enlaces que obtengamos, tendremos mayor PageRank o popularidad.

Hay que ser extremadamente cuidadosos con la manera que realizamos el link o enlace. En función de la manera en que esté realizado el enlace, promocionaremos unas palabras clave u otras.

Además, hay que saber dónde conseguir enlaces. Hay determinados sitios web donde es más fácil obtenerlos, pero casi siempre hay que esforzarse por conseguirlos y hacer un seguimiento.

:: ¿Por qué hay que conseguir enlaces?
:: ¿Cómo puedo conocer el PageRank de una página?
:: ¿Cómo deben ser los links?
:: ¿Tiene en cuenta Google los enlaces hechos con JavaScript?
:: ¿Dónde puedo conseguir que me enlacen?
:: ¿Cómo puedo conseguir aparecer en DMOZ?
:: ¿Tienen algún tipo de relación Google y DMOZ?
:: ¿Cómo consigo enlaces desde otros sitio web?
:: ¿Se pueden colocar enlaces en libros de firmas?
:: ¿Me pueden penalizar por enlazar determinadas páginas?
:: ¿Me pueden penalizar por tener demasiados enlaces rotos?
:: ¿Se pueden comprar enlaces?
:: ¿Tiene en cuenta Google los enlaces de las AdWords?
:: Tengo cientos de páginas en mi sitio, ¿cómo puedo enlazar todas?
:: ¿Debo dar de alta mi sitio web en otros buscadores?
:: ¿Debo utilizar los sistemas automáticos de envío a buscadores?
:: ¿Debo hacer intercambio de enlaces?
:: ¿Se tienen en cuenta los enlaces internos?


Posicionamiento web en Google – Tutorial y Recursos

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Google Friend Connect: añade funciones sociales a tu sitio.

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Creating a Podcast with Blogger

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